Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Special Olympics World Winter Games

We were able to go to the Special Olympics World Winter Games in Boise Idaho. We got to see Lee's sister Chrissy compete in the Figure Skating. She won Gold in her division and we were so excited to see her and her competition. It was the first time that I get to see her perform! It was such a fun time that we had with all of our family!
Chrissy while she was warming up before her division competed.
Chrissy while she was competing for the Gold for her division.
Chrissy and her coaches on the big screen while waiting for her scores that gave her the GOLD!
Chrissy while she was receiving the gold in her division.
This is an ice chair that has the Special Olympics World Winter Games Boise, Idaho Logo.

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Scott and Kourt said...

That looks like so much fun