Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Our Idaho Trip

It was fun to go and see the Olympics but it was such a LONG LONG LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG Trip!! Bradley hates the car seat anyways so I was worried about him being happy in the truck for such a long time. By the end of the trip he seemed to do better in the car than he ever had before. So I guess the long hours in the car and the screaming child some of the time was worth it because he doesnt seem to mind being in the car to it is just getting him to like getting in the carseat and getting out of the car seat.

While we were traveling up to Idaho we found a town with my maiden name Holden!!

Bradley really liked to drive the car. He was so happy to get out of the carseat and start driving the car.
Lee, Chrissy, Momma Lane, Me and Bradley (in the yellow sweatshirt)
after Chrissy won the Gold.

We went to see "Paul Blart, Mall Cop" while we were in Boise and there was a trailer for the next Harry Potter movie and Bradley was totally amazed with the commercial. I think that we have to take him to that movie because Bradley loved the trailer.
Here is Bradley with his cousins William (Liam) and Alex and his Grandpa Wiley. Liam is a little less than a year older than Bradley and is only like 2 inches longer and 4 lbs. heavier than Bradley. It was so fun to see those two kids playing with eachother.
This is Todd (a figure skate) who came and wanted to hold Bradley.
He was such a great and funny guy.

Lee, Bradley and Todd

Bradley trying to drink the Diet Coke. He seems to be trying to eat everything now a days.

Bradley after the Closing Ceremonies looking like a Homie. He was so tired because he couldnt sleep in the ceremony (it was too loud) as soon as we got in the car he crashed and had his own sleeping mask.

I told you he was starting to chew on everything. I did wipe it down with a wet one and then a diaper wipe so I wasnt letting him just eat the table without cleaning it!! This was at the Red Iguana in Salt Lake. It was DELICIOUS!!

Our sweet little girls (our adopted nieces) that we got to see while in Idaho. This was the first time that they got to meet Bradley and oh how they loved him.

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Scott and Kourt said...

That looks like fun. I can't beleive how fast Bradley has grown-up. Anytime you guys need a babysitter call me even just for a date night (those are way important)amelia we meet for scrapbooking on fridays you should come it would be even more fun if you would come talk to you soon.