Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bradley Giggling video!

I caught this adorable video of little man giggling and hiccuping! enjoy!

The Joker leaves his mark again...

The Joker left his mark on the local Cedar Review on Oct. 30th Ol' Hallow's Eve. It looks like we may need the caped crusader at any moment!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Trying to Sit Up!

Bradley is getting closer and closer to sitting up. Here are some when we were trying to get him to roll onto his tummy but he wasn't having any of that so we started to see if he could sit up by himself. We just had the boppy around him to catch him when he fell but he always seemed to find the opening in the boppy to fall out of even when we would turn it so that he wouldn't fall that way. Mybe one day we will actually catch him rolling onto his back on film!

Maybe one day I will get a camera that can take pictures faster so that when he moves the pictures wont always turn out fuzzy :(

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bradley and Dad Lee!

Sometimes people wonder who Bradley looks like, so we decided to put a few pictures together that show my baby pics and his together. As you can see Bradley has got a lot of the Wiley features so far. It's so interesting to see how his features change as he gets older. Whoever he looks like, he is a dang handsome boy!

Evidence of the Joker...

Could it Be, is the Joker in Cedar City? A calling card found
this week would suggest that the Joker may be on the loose.
So, does this mean we could see Batman coming to save the day?
Stay tuned this week to see what happens...


Halloween is almost here, and it looks like someone may have started early.
It looks like a Sugar-Coma!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bradley is getting so big!

It is amazing how big babies get so quickly. Every time I take a picture of Bradley it seems like looks completely different than the last time I took a picture of him. It is getting colder here and so he is becoming a baby Eskimo in his winter stuff.

Also with Halloween just around the corner we are getting him his first Halloween Costume and Halloween basket and everything. It is funny when you have a kid you start dressing up again and I am totally excited about every holiday now. I have always loved this time of year but I am so excited about Christmas I can barely contain myself. I have made myself not even look at the Christmas stuff when I am at Wal Mart because I will probably get Christmased out before Thanksgiving gets here. I know that he wont even really care this year because he is too little but then next year I get to get excited again like this year because it will be his first year where he enjoys all of the holidays. This is a picture of the first day it snowed here and we were going out to get ice cream of all things. But we got this hat and as soon as I put it on him he looked like a little Chinese baby and I started to laugh which got me this somewhat smiley face from him. I have tried for weeks to get a smile on camera but he wont do it. I always seem to just miss it. But he loved his first day out in the snow even though I only let a tiny bit touch him because I didn't want him to get sick.

One day last week I had stayed home from work from the worst migraine that i have had since before I got pregnant and so Bradley and I had a pajama day while he was falling asleep I realized that he was flipping me off. I have no idea why babies do this since he has been doing it since he was just days old! There was a time for about a month before this that he wouldn't flip us off but I guess he decided to start doing it again.

He is starting to do so much more than he did a couple of weeks ago. He laughes a bit and is starting to roll from his belly to his back. I will post it as soon as he can do it for the video camera. He always seems to stop doing whatever he is doing when there is a camera on him. It bugs me because I want to document those first things but he is just camera shy. I dont blame him though I guess because I shy away from cameras too. But here are a few funny faces I was able to get on camera.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Steve Nash is on Fire!

Amelia wanted me to post a little picture I did tonight. It's an illustration
of Phoenix Sun's Point Guard, Steve Nash! We love that guy! I did the
piece for a fan art section on the suns website and for the chance
to have it published on the cover of one this seasons Game guides
called "Free Throw."
Anyway, enjoy!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sittin' Up like a Big Boy!

So, our little Bradley boy is getting less impressed with laying down all the time, and he is loving sitting up like big boy. You have to put a few pillows around him because he's still trying to figure out "why am I so wobbly?" But, he loves to look around and feel more like a part of the world as he sits up like a big boy!

(aren't his shoes so cute)

Bradley's Big Fishing Trip

Bradley had to get all dressed up in his warm/Cookie Monster clothes,
so he could brave the chilly weather while fishing.
Look he's so excited that Grandpa caught
some big fish...but he's sleeping...hehe.

I think it's safe to say this boy enjoyed his first fishing trip!!