Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sittin' Up like a Big Boy!

So, our little Bradley boy is getting less impressed with laying down all the time, and he is loving sitting up like big boy. You have to put a few pillows around him because he's still trying to figure out "why am I so wobbly?" But, he loves to look around and feel more like a part of the world as he sits up like a big boy!

(aren't his shoes so cute)


Anonymous said...

Who the heck does this kid look like? He has your eyebrows... but I'm not sure about the rest : )

Lee, Amelia & Bradley said...

He looks like Lee for the most part...he does have my mouth though. But he seems to keep changing so I dont even know who he looks like

Anonymous said...

Well I guess all that matters is he's a cute kid!!