Thursday, September 11, 2008

About Us

I though I would start our blog by telling you our story...Lee and I met while working at Target. We dated for about three weeks before we got engaged on October 30, 2004. We got married in the St. George Temple on March 12, 2005. We lived in St. George, Utah for a couple of months after we got married and them moved to San Diego, California for the summer to sell security systems. Once the summer was done we moved back to St. George to finish our Associates at Dixie State College. We graduated from Dixie in May 2006 and moved to Cedar City, Utah so Lee could get his Bachelors in Illustration. We are still living in Cedar and love the small town life. Okay so Cedar is not that small but compared to Fairfield where I grew up it is TINY!!! We just had our first child on July 28, 2008!! It took us a year of fertility treatments before we got him (without the drugs a month after we quit taking them!). He is growing up so much it is insane! He is already about 10 pounds at only 6 weeks old.

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