Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Busy few Months

It has been a few busy months!! We just bought a house and will be moving in about a week!! Lee graduated College and got a new job at a great place. He is designing software training cds. Bradley has been growing like crazy and is cruisin the furniture and crawling all over the place. He has been getting into everything and trying to play in the toilet and climb up the stairs. He is almost 11 months old!! I cant believe that it has almost been a year since he was born!! I am still at Staples but now working part time so that I can spend more time with Bradley. We have just been packing up everything in our house so that it is easier to move when Friday comes. I can't believe that we have so much stuff!! Our new home is in Cedar. It is a brand new condo with granite counter tops and tile floors and nice carpet. The color scheme is exactly what I wanted to have for my house and I dont have to do any renovating or painting!! It is 3 beds, 2.5 baths and a cute little backyard. It is great because we are moving right next to our friends from the ward that we are in now...they just moved to their new place like 2 or 3 months ago. And there is a great park that is 8 condos down from our condo so there is a place for Bradley to stretch his legs when he is older. I am just so happy to have found a great house for a great price!!
Soon I will post pictures of the house and us since Bradley looks different every week!!

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Michelle said...

Wow!! Lots of changes in your house in not very long at all!! I can't believe Bradley- he's getting so huge!! We need to hang out sometime soon!