Monday, April 20, 2009

A Mini Surprise!

Well, My Mom has a new baby Mini-horse! Her name is Dakota, or Kota as we call her. She was a total surprise! We didn't even know that the Mom, Sweetie, was pregnant. You see, Sweetie hasn't been able to breed since we got her and Shadow (The Daddy) 5 years ago. She lost alot of weight a few years ago because of teeth problems, so we had her on a high protein diet to help her gain weight. Well she apparently got pregnant shortly after she started gaining her weight back. You couldn't even tell because she didn't look any fatter than the male! By the way did you know horses are pregnant for 11 months! Wowzers! anyway
See how Tiny!

Kota weighs a bit more than Bradley, but she is about the same height as him!
She is kinda shy here, but she is really friendly and loving with people!
Kota and her Mommy, Sweetie!

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