Friday, January 30, 2009

Bradley's Teething Saga

SOOOOO... I though that one tooth coming in was a nightmare...but since I posted the last post he has yet another tooth in his tiny mouth. He has both bottom front teeth now and man are they crooked!! They are just like his daddy's teeth. Once I get a picture of them I will post them but for now I can only see them when he is screaming because when I try to look in his mouth his tongue comes sticking out so we cant see them. I hope that his top teeth wait at least a month so that Lee and I can recouperate from this teething session before the next comes. But I still love being a mom and no matter how cranky or how loud his screams get (which is pretty ears ring sometimes) I still wouldnt trade that kid for anything in the world!! I LOVE BEING A MOMMY!!!!!!


Jon and Cassie Demke said...

Oh man I freakin suck! How could I forget you and Malorie! I'm the worst friend ever!!! I can't believe Bradley is getting his teeth already! KJ was almost 1 when he finally got his first tooth. Have fun with that you have more to go! Love you guys!

Sarah and Scott said...

Good luck! Cameron hasn't started teething yet--but he is starting to drool a lot more, so it is probably coming soon--yikes!