Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bradley Pics and his New Trick Video!

Bradley Loves his peas as you can tell by his Pea-Face!

Here is Bradley Hanging out in his camping chair!

Bradley is so happy after his Bath!

Hi Everyone! Check out my new toy!

Here is Bradley's new trick and mode of transportation!
He loves to get around the house by rolling his way around!


Scott and Kourt said...

Ohh he is too cute. Whenever you need a babysitter please don't hesitate to call we are only a few minutes away. What a sweetheart Bradley is. He is growing so fast.

Lee, Amelia, and Bradley said...

Thanks a lot! I will definately keep that in mind. Also I didnt know you were pregnant!!!!! I feel like I have been away from the ward for too long. Congrats!!