Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween '08 Fun-tacular!

Here we are carving Bradley's first Pumpkin!

Here is the decoration we did for that back of (Mom's) truck for our church's trunk or treat

A close up up of Wayne tower in our cityscape!

The Joker awaits his first victim...I mean trick-or-treater.

Pick a Card!

The kids weren't too phased by the joker, he was just a Freak...Like Them!

Here he Is Batman! With Rachel Dawes (or his Mom)

Why So Serious?

Here is Auntie Mo-Nannie as Lucille Ball!

Awww...A family portrait!

I got the Batman!

Sarah Palin even showed to celebrate the big day with Batman!

Hey, Batman, over here!
Grandma and Grandpa Holden came for the fun too!

Dun nu nu nu nu nu nu...DroolMan!
You're gonna Love Me!

Overall, Bradley's first Halloween was a blast! You can tell by the size of Joker's smile on his face!


Connie said...

Holy cutie patootie BATMAN! I love his cheeks hanging out the sides! Great costumes guys! I like the trunk set-up too! Ben told me to check it out because you guys were so good!

Joe , Larisa , and Abigail said...

haha bat baby is soo cute!